The lrexp package being developed by the Haeffner group at UC Berkeley.

It is intended as a companion to the LabRAD framework, though it is conceivable that it could be useful in other contexts.

The lrexp package (minus the experimenter package included inside) is a pure Python package that breaks down a experiment into basic units that themselves may contain units. This approach to experiments as recursive data structures helps to create experiments that are flexible and reusable.

The Experimenter GUI is a front-end to the lrexp package that takes care of a lot of the tedious, book-keeping aspects of using the pure Python version. It is the preferred way of interacting with the package. The two products are, however, essentially equivalent. You may find that for experiments with lots of advanced data manipulation it will be easier to use the pure Python version.

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This software is still in its early stages, so feedback and criticism is essential. Any questions and comments should be directed to Chris Reilly.