Future Plans


In the future we would like to add custom units. It would useful perhaps to use a class decorator to register a custom unit, or allow a method of creating a custom unit from an existing unit tree.

A smaller update could include a method of converting Inputs to Globals and vice-versa. Currently this only happens when a Global is deleted from the Globals widget, in which case any remaining references to the deleted Global are converted into an Input.


The current release (0.2) of the lrexp package is intended mostly as demonstration. Though it is useful in its current form, there are some reasonable additions/changes that could be made to considerably enhance the functionality of the package. Updates to expect on the next release include:

  • Dramatic expansion of the lrexp.functions.standard library. Functions presently included are intended mainly for demonstration purposes.
  • Access to Python built-in functions in the Experimenter GUI
  • Capability to access an arbitrary python module or package in the Python interpreter's site-packages.
  • Change scan range to be a numpy arange object
  • Clean up the details view in the main dialog and the text displayed by each tree item. Be able to distinguish Inputs even when they have the same value.

If you have any ideas or recommendations for new features, please don't hesitate to contact me.